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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Your Appraisal



    Do I need to do anything to prepare for my appraisal?

    Not necessarily. If you have done any updating or recent remodeling, providing a list of the completed work to the appraiser can help insure that all your recent work will be included in the appraisal.

    What does the appraiser need to do and how long do they need access to my home?

    Appraisers generally start outside and take photos of the exterior of your home as well as measurements from outside. Once inside they will take photos of every room as well as notes on the various features in your home.  The whole process takes approximately 30 minutes.

    When will I get a call from the appraiser to schedule my appraisal?

    You should be hearing from the appraiser in 3-6 days from when they receive the order from your lender.


    What if I disagree with the value of my appraisal?

    Once your appraisal has been completed, all communication will need to be through your lender who ordered your appraisal. If you have evidence or support that would indicate a different value than the appraisal, provide that documentation to your lender and ask them submit a re-consideration of value.

    Are home estimates from websites like accurate?

    No. These sites even disclose that they are not to be considered an appraisal and encourage you to hire a professional for a more accurate value.